Out Patient (OP)

Out Patient Services are behavioral health services that are rendered in an ambulatory care setting, such as an office, clinic environment, a Member’s home, or other locations appropriate for psychotherapy or counseling. Services consist of time-effective, defined episodes of care that focus on the restoration, enhancement, and/or maintenance of a Member’s optimal level of functioning, and the alleviation or amelioration of significant and debilitating symptoms impacting at least one area of the Member’s life domains (e.g., family, social, occupational, educational). The goals, frequency, intensity, and length of treatment vary according to the needs of the Member and the response to treatment.

Outpatient Services providers develop linkages and working relationships with other service providers frequently utilized by Members enrolled in their outpatient services, including Inpatient, Intensive Community-Based Acute Treatment/Community-Based Acute Treatment (ICBAT/CBAT), ICC, FS&T, IHT, IHBS, TM, primary care practices, and providers of diversionary and 24-hour levels of care.

How can therapy help?


Your mental health is as important to us as it is to you, which is why we offer a complete variety of treatment options.  We help you achieve mental health.

  • Individual needs are taken into consideration as we find provider referrals based on your needs, preferences and location.
  • Urgent requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and addressed immediately.
  • We pair accurate diagnoses with effective treatment plans to help you achieve optimal mental psychological specifically health.