Who We Are

All You Need to Know
About Us

Our mission at CMHWC is to provide members of diverse communities with the highest standard of care by using Innovative Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Wellness Approaches designed to be Flexible, Client Centered, Family Focused & Culturally Competent.


Our Clinic & Services were
Founded In 2015

What We Do

At CMHWC we employ a holistic approach that integrates traditional & non-traditional methods of therapy. Our model is one that empowers clients by facilitating a positive collaboration between them, their Community Supports & our team in order to improve their Behavioral Health & Social needs.

Our Vision & Our Values

Our Vision at CMHWC is to increase access to creative an innovative mental health and wellness therapy by improving our client’s quality of life through the elimination of stress caused by Depression, Anxiety, Substance Use Disorder and Social Inequities.

Our CMHWC Team is a JACHO Certified Agency (Joint Commission), that adheres to the MDPH (Massachusetts Department of Public Health Standard Operational Procedures) and BSAS (Bureau of Substance Addiction Services). We value your privacy; we honor who you are and maintain professional boundaries which are provided in a safe non-judgmental environment.

Why Choose Us

We believe CMHWC can provide you with the highest quality of care by providing Therapeutic interventions that reduce or eliminate barriers by providing culturally, age and gender appropriate treatment.

Our Team

Meet our team. We are dedicated to seeing all of our clients achieve their mental health goals.